How to Keep your Skin Flawless in the Humidity

I am not sure if I can speak for the rest of the population, but my skin took a terrible toil in this New York summer humidity. When I walked to work in the smothering, hot city, my pores expanded to an unprecedented size. A mix of oil, sweat, and makeup began to clog these enlarged pores, producing a great amount of blemishes. I swear that I had not experienced this extent of acne since middle school. Not only was I entirely embarrassed by the condition of my skin, but it was becoming uncomfortable and unbearable to deal with. I hated waking up in the morning because I knew that a walk outside in the airless, hot weather would mean an endless amount of oil spilling out of my pores and hideous marks of skin agitation.

What could I possibly do to get back my flawless complexion? A trip to a local Boots was the answer.

To reduce the amount of oil and sweat that humidity exacerbates, try an oil absorbent pad. Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens are perfect if your wearing makeup since they instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without disturbing your foundation. These blotting linens are made from finely-woven leaf fibers of the exotic Acaba Tree plant and infused with one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, Green Tea, to help soothe and freshen your skin. This product is purely made from Green Tea and contains no chemicals that may irritate your skin. These oil absorbent pads can benefit your beauty in more than one way since they can be used for a lipstick blotter too. So we have taken care of the grease and oil that pours from our faces, but what about those enormous pores?

To minimize those pores, you will need a mask that works to decrease those moon-like craters on your face. Now the problem is which mask to get. There is an infinite amount of masks out there, made out of very different and sometimes the oddest substances. This means you have to be very selective in the product that you choose to make your pores microscopic.

Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask offers a natural yet potent mask that removes that pernicious mixture of oil, grease, dirt, and makeup, leaving you with a healthy glowing complexion. The products in this mask, including Montmorillonite Clay, Pine Bark Extract, and Vitamin Care each specialize in a particular area to combat all those annoying flaws. Montmorillonite Clay works to absorb excess oil, dirt, and toxins from the skin. Pine Bark Extract, a powerful antioxidant (comparable to the aforementioned Green Tea), conditions and defends from free radical damage. Vitamin C helps brighten the tone of your skin and reduce the look of fine lines. Once you have a good oil absorbent and a powerful mask then your skin is on its way to fighting the harmful humidity. Say goodbye to those craters and that oil spill on your face, and awaken to perfection!

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