Jay Z – What’s with the name change?

I heard the Brooklyn rapper on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show, and he was pleasant, charming and a fascinating interviewee. However, I am confused by the decision to change his name, from ‘Jay-Z’ to ‘JAY Z’. Or is it ‘Jay Z’? Erm, why? Apparently, the change was made a while ago, but nobody noticed. What is it with US artists and name changes? Prince. Then Puff Daddy. Or P. Diddy. Or Puffy. Or Sean. And now Shawn Corey Carter. Thankfully, Eminem has yet to change his name to Skittle. Or Malteser. I just hope Jay Z sticks with the letter Z, as I (with clearly lots of free time) have gone through the alphabet, and the other options (and what they actually sound like), are questionable, to say the least:


Jay-A – A brand of battery.

Jay-B – A fitness centre.

Jay-C – A Matrix character.

Jay-D – A disease.

Jay-E – An underperforming, schoolchild.

Jay-F – A suntan lotion.

Jay-G – A garden centre.

Jay-H – A muscle-bound, strongman.

Jay-I – A contact lens cleaner.

Jay-J – A circus clown.

Jay-K – A box of cereal.

Jay-L – A brand of oil.

Jay-M – A sunglasses range.

Jay-N – A One Direction member.

Jay-O – A jungle song.

Jay-P – An urgent request.

Jay-Q – A brand of fountain pen.

Jay-R – An author.

Jay-S – A pizzeria.

Jay-T – An action movie character from the 80’s.

Jay-U – A brand of jelly.

Jay-V – A level of sunburn.

Jay-W – A wrestler.

Jay-X – A villain from Kick-Ass.

Jay-Y – A question from me.

Jay-Z – No longer in use.

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