Cool women in the music industry

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a bucketload of women in the music industry who are saying ‘no, ta’ to the conventional route of being a real life doll to be manipulated by their record labels and flogged for every penny they are worth; *cough* Miley/Rita etc as the new Rihanna *cough* These four are actually letting the tunes do the talking for once.


Sky Ferreira

The singer may be considered a model by some but she had to do something to finance herself while she wrestled her way out of a contract with an overbearing label. Now signed with Capitol Records she’s got the blend of sultry indie/80’s electro pop down to a T. If that’s not enough cool factor, she’s dating one of the guys from DIIV, has released two great EP’s and her debut album is finally on the horizon.


Hayley Williams

With the help of two of her best mates, Hayley has brought Paramore to the forefront of public consciousness with the band’s new album and is somewhat a hero for all the former emo-teens out there due to her relatable and encouraging lyricism. Running her own tumblr and twitter, Williams ensures that it is her own voice that’s getting heard.


Becca Need-Menear

The Photography graduate/frontwoman brandishes what seems like a new instrument in every one of her youtube covers, sings like an angel and shoots the cover art for her band anavae’s EP’s. Talented much?


Kate Nash

She’s got an awesome all-female band and a wicked new hairstyle but the coolest thing about Kate is her album Girl Talk, which is chocker-block of pro-feminist songs with a punk spirit. Playing the bass and spouting off about ‘classic male rejection’; finally it seems we have someone in the music industry with something important to say who we can freely admire.

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