I hate insomnia

I hate insomnia.

When you can’t sleep.

When it’s 3:55am.

When your eyes are heavy, and your vision is blurred.

When you’ve taken two pills, and you’re not entirely sure what they do, but they do seem to make you go all floppy.

When you decide NOW is a good time to make your bed.

When you pour yourself a nice, big fizzy drink as a treat.

When you have images of Ed Norton in Fight Club.

When you’re so tired, you can’t even sit up, in front of the TV.

When you venture on to the computer, and wonder if your American Twitter followers are the only other souls on the planet, who are awake.

When your head lolls, your shoulders ache, and your eyes get heavy and weary.

When your vision is blurred.

When your neck hurts.

When you’re lying there, wondering: ‘Will I ever fall asleep?’

When you wonder at what precise second you will finally pass out.

When it starts to hurt writing at a computer, when you’re this tired, and you think: ‘Hey – this was a good idea!’

When the computer doesn’t do anything, so you click and click on the Internet icon, and 30 windows pop up.

When you dream of how refreshed you will inevitably feel.

When tiredness has killed your functioning capability to such an extent, that you feel as if you’re operating at the same level as a baby.

When you have flashes of that Simpsons episode with Homer, in bed, flying through the night sky.

When it hurts to move your head.

When you should really, really, really go to bed.

When those Eminem lyrics enter your head.

I hate insomnia.


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