Top Of The Blogs: Fashion Toast

Days can be lost scrolling through the infinite beauty that is Fashion Toast.

Despite lacking perhaps on the word-count front, readers find themselves enthralled by the glossy HD photograph of model Rumi Neely’s exciting life. The blog, which sits on the prestigious Now Manifest platform along the likes of Elin Kling and Anna Della Russo’s sites, focuses primarily on fashion. In each frame Neely is attired in something ready-to-wear yet almost always designer.

The blog is immensely popular, to the point where, I believe, she sparked an entire generation of bloggers to stop posing in their bedrooms and capture their adventures alongside their outfits. On her website, see Rumi holidaying in Hawaii, working in Japan and feel your envy increase as you see snapshots of her fabulous life in LA.

Do a Rumi Neely: simple clean layouts look professional, keep commentary to 140 characters and bribe someone with serious skills to become your personal photographer.

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