Women on Bank Notes – What’s the Point?

Jane Austen is set to replace Charles Darwin on the ten pound note.

People are asking, is it enough? Was it the right woman? Or was it the easy option?

Who cares who it is as long as it’s a woman right? Wrong.

When women first decided to fight for equal rights, it was just about that – Equal Rights. It wasn’t about putting women above men, or trying to prove that one gender is better than the other.

But somewhere along the way things got twisted. When did feminism become about point scoring?

In the debate on Twitter, all these so-called feminists seem to be focusing on is putting a woman on the ten pound note. They don’t care who. So you could’ve stuck me on there for all they care.

Maybe I’m just an equalist, not a feminist. But I believe that that women and men, any race, any age should be given equal opportunities. I don’t want to get be given opportunities because they had to make up the numbers to make it ‘fair’ on women.

Also, I don’t want another woman on our bank notes just because she’s a woman. Personally I think Jane Austen is a good choice anyway. But that’s just my opinion.

So here’s my message for all of you who call yourselves feminists:

You need to choose your battles carefully. There are so many important issues involving equal rights that still need to be tackled. We’re not trying to take over the world. We’re just trying to make it a better place for everyone (Yes even the men).

One final question, who can even name all of the people currently on our bank notes anyway?

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