Finding Your Fashion Feet

There are many celebrity icons out there at the moment such as Cara Delevingne – Emma Watson – Rita Ora – Lady Gaga and even Kate Middleton. The list is endless, there’s inspiration out there for everyone, but what about becoming your own style icon? Don’t get me wrong, they’re all beautiful but I think there comes a time in every Fashionista’s life when she, or he, thinks “lets try something different”.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.”

— Gianni Versace



1. Experiment and develop your knowledge

Experimentation is the key to this. Find out what works for you and what doesn’t, and if it doesn’t work – how can you make it work? Something to take into account is your body shape and skin tone. It could be as simple as adding a stitch here, an embellishment there or even just picking another colour!

[Remember] Nothing is permanent. Lets look at Rita Ora for example. She is known for her edgy off the wall fashion sense, yet we see her in two piece suits and girly dresses from time to time. She makes these conservative styles her own by adding accessories and a girls best friend, heels!


2. Don’t be a sheep

Fashion really does change like the wind. I’m not saying don’t follow the latest trends, I’m just saying don’t buy it because it’s in fashion. It can sometimes be a complete waste of time and money to buy something just because everyone else is. I have been a victim of this for many years and now have a wardrobe full of clothes that haven’t seen the light of day. Instead incorporate bits of the trend that you actually like into your style such as prints and accessories. You never know they could be in your wardrobe to stay if you really enjoy them. Create your own hallmark.


3. Confidence is the key

Being comfortable in your own skin is something else that is so important when developing your own personal style. You can pull anything off with confidence and a smile. Take a look at Lady Gaga. Her style is… debatable, but it is her confidence that helps her pull it off.


4. Inspiration

Although its your own style, its great to take inspiration off of other people. After all its your own style, you can do what you want. Flick through magazines, search the web and my personal favourite, people watch!

[Quick Tip] Another idea is to make a “inspiration board”. If your not familiar with these then what you do is gather ideas from different places, such as magazine cuttings and fabrics. Stick or pin them all to a board and admire! You could even write phrases and words. This way you could come up with your own ideas and maybe even design or modify your own clothes. It’s very popular among designers and artists. If all else fails it will look great on your wall or desk.


5. Mix it up

Invest in some good pieces that you know will be staple for your new look. Remember you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on a outfit to look good. Have a look in your wardrobe and see what you have already got. Have a dig in the attic for some vintage pieces that your family members might have kept. Charity shops are also a great option for people on a budget and you’re giving money to a great cause. Win win situation! Once you have got the balance right with old and new, your style will be truly unique to you.


So there are my five steps, now go and have fun. Be as unique as you can possibly be and stay true to yourself. It’s what’s on the inside that counts but there is no harm in expressing yourself on the outside as well.

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