Top Four Museums in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with the older part of the city broken up by lovely canals and the roads completely dominated by bicycles. There’s so much to do in Amsterdam; it’s drenched in art and culture. Depending on how long your visit to Amsterdam is, you might find yourself pushed for time trying to fit in all the great museums and galleries. Once you’ve found a place to stay – we suggest booking with GowithOh – you’ll need to figure out what to do in Amsterdam. We’ve made a list of the top four museums in Amsterdam so you can pick out your must-sees and make the most of your time there.


1) Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh is one of Europe’s most beloved artists and this museum is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work. Admire his brush strokes up close, while being surrounded by a number of pieces of other artists’ work, including Gaugin, Monet, Sisley and Suerat. This is a great attraction for people of all ages who love and appreciate art, as it is such a striking collection.


2) Anne Frankhuis
This is the place where Anne Frank’s famous diary was written. This is a very personal way to learn more about the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam during the Second World War. This is a very moving museum, and can be quite an emotional visit. Bare in mind crowds flock here, meaning there can be a very long wait to get inside but it’s worth it. To avoid the line, arrive early in the morning as by mid morning the lines are stretching around the corner.


3) Tropenmuseum
Are you interested in people? Where we came from? This is one of the largest museums in Amsterdam and contains a whole heap of anthropological exhibitions. It can be a little crowded, but it is the perfect way to pass a rainy or dreary day in Amsterdam. There are a lot of different exhibitions, from photography to international artefacts.


4) Rijksmuseum
The largest museum in the Netherlands and the most popular too, with over a million visitors each year. This museum is also an impressive 200 years old, and after 10 years of renovation is finally fully open again. This is the state museum of the Netherlands and is dedicated to local arts and history. There are over 1 million objects housed in this museum and the museum is currently trying to photograph every single artefact. So far, 125,000 images are available for download on the Rijks Studio software.


These are our suggestions for the top 4 museums in Amsterdam. Have you been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite museum?

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