The Weather – It Can Never Win

So we FINALLY had a week or two of holiday worthy weather and now England is going back to its usual dreary self in spectacular style.

Thunderstorms are freaking out adults, children and animals alike as we experience somewhat random downpour, rolling thunder and super flashes of lightning.

And of course, whilst people are grateful for what is supposed to be a refreshing cool down after weeks of blazing hot sun, we still find something to moan about.

The weather can never win in England, usually it’s “too cold” or “so miserable” and then we get some sun. Now whilst that big ball of fire in the sky generally makes the nation a happier people- we’re just not used to such tropical- like climes and simply can’t take the heat.

In our defence though, English sun isn’t quite like the sun abroad. Yes, the sun is the sun and there is only one but it certainly acts different when shining over our little isle. with no cool breeze- English sun burns. Instead of providing mild shade, our clouds press down causing humidity. Yes, it’s nice to finally be able to top up your tan in your back garden but we get a pretty raw deal in that you’re panting for air and water during the walk from your back door to the deck chair by your garden shed alone.

Then, when we get the downpour we’ve been praying for we’re disappointed as it isn’t as refreshing as we hoped it would be. rather the air is still humid and we’re left quaking by the growling coming from the sky.

What can you do, English weather? Less of the going from one extreme to the other for a start thank you- we’ve still got the snow in winter to be totally unprepared for.

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