London Loves LA

Sisters Sophie and Ella struck gold when they decided to make a business out of hauling case-loads of LA vintage over to the UK. Fed up with the musty smelling tea dresses and garish blouses that are frequently for sale in most of the second hand shops in England, they launched online boutique London Loves LA; which is the mecca for all things 90s and grunge.

Their fantastic seasonal Lookbooks showcase the vibe they’re aiming for; whether that be ‘Teenage Runaway’ (as pictured) or ethereal grunge that looks more like a scene from the Virgin Suicides. With regards to their wares, head to their site to get your hands on band tees, stonewashed denim, varsity jackets and hawaiian prints.

Additionally, they’ve just started stocking their own branded t-shirts (as seen on Harry Styles) and other apparel. Personally, their white ‘London hearts LA’ beanies are to die for.

Managing to predict our love for all things nineties ahead of the curve (and the highstreets), this brand combines glitter, stickers, palm trees and Disney tees to bring a bit of much needed fun back into fashion. Come pay day, I’ll be ordering a suitcase worth of their clothes in the hope that I can buy my self a little of the LA magic they’re selling.

On their site they state that they “place as much importance on the journey of the clothes as the products themselves. Our journey is a nostalgic roadtrip wrapped up in teenage excitement and best friendship.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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