Ibiza Sensations Pool Party at Ocean Beach Ibiza

Style, class, and opulence: We’re in for a day of Balearic fun in the sun at the self-styled ‘ultimate beach club’ which is Ocean Beach Ibiza, San Antonio Bay. Hosting a different themed party every day – Hed Kandi are here every Monday – we’ve been invited by Resident DJ Luis del Villar to his Ibiza Sensations pool party on a Tuesday, to partake of the VIP experience at Ocean Beach Ibiza!

Podium Dancer at Ocean Beach IbizaOcean Beach Ibiza: Podium Dancer at Ibiza Sensations Pool Party

No expense has been spared in this upmarket oasis in the middle of San Antonio Bay. What was once a concrete car park two short seasons ago has been transformed by the vision of its owners – Ibiza Residents Tony Truman and Wayne Lineker, intent on creating ‘a unique and luxurious lifestyle experience’ – into one the most fabulous poolside resorts on the island of Ibiza.

It’s all about style and image, with VIP beds reserved for well-heeled Ibiza visitors in the know, to lap up the VIP experience. Frequented by the ‘Towie’ cast from the cult UK reality TV series ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ – Joey Essex is a regular visitor here – the clientele are toned and lithe; there is not a fat belly in sight amidst the sea of sun-kissed muscle and bevy of poolside beauties sipping expensive champagnes and sangria by the carafe. With a full English clientele, there are pert Essex pouts and exaggerated bosoms everywhere!

Ibiza Sensations DJs Luis del Villar and Felix da Funk

Barcelona DJ Luis del Villar is joined today by local Ibiza talent DJ Felix da Funk for this session of Ibiza Sensations.  Set up as a podcast in 2010, Ibiza Sensations has now had more than 4 million downloads in 130 countries and – with the ‘most glamorous house tracks, soulful vibes and deepest sounds’ – the program is considered as one of the best house music podcasts on the net for this year.

The vibe is friendly and happy, with the two Iberian DJs enjoying themselves immensely with hands in the air.  It’s a party atmosphere, and Luis tells how he is overly happy at his residency at Ocean Beach Ibiza – what a dream job!

Champagne Glass Acrobat

It’s a relaxed, opulent, social event with dancers, mermaids and acrobatic routines coming out at exact intervals – the show appears seemless yet the attention to detail is sublime, and the clockwork machinations are precise to the second, as every half hour a troop of mermaid acrobats descend from the sky to the pool, or a giant champagne glass is filled for an acrobat to splash out her routine in.

Eye candy is everywhere, in the clientele, in the performing artistes, in the attention to detail; well thought out and well planned, what was once a concrete carpark is now transformed into a San Antonio haven oasis of pool party chicness. If you are in San Antonio, it’s the place to be.

Pert Bottoms on the Podium at Ocean Beach IbizaOwner Tony Truman invites us upstairs to take in the sunset view over San Antonio bay from the restaurant above. We take in the designer decor: The restaurant chairs moulded into the form of naked kneeling ladies:  A plethora of pert bottoms – to join the perfect fleshy examples on show around the pool party.

… And not just of the well-oiled clientele! The podium dancers are particular in their movements, as first one bare cheek, then another is paraded for the perusal of the pool party audience.

It’s classy, slick and has an essence of effortless chic about it!

Felix da Funk, Ibiza Sensations

Ibiza Sensations DJs Luis del Villar and Felix da Funk keep the happy vibe going all afternoon and well into the evening as the sangria flows. The trapeze artists are swaying high above us on the stylised ‘Ocean’ frame as they descend into the pool party to smooch with the guests, and the entertainment continues to take our breath away.

It’s our first day in Ibiza, and nothing will quite match the unique experience of the Ibiza Sensations pool party for the remainder of the holiday. It really is a luxurious day in sublime surroundings, second to none. No visit to the White Isle is complete without treating yourself to a day spent at Ocean Beach Ibiza. Stylised chic is the word!


Ibiza Acrobats and Trapeze Artists Ocean Beach Ibiza Trapeze Artists in the air!

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