Internship? Oh The Horror

The UK apparently has a lot of companies who are manipulating the decline in the workforce due to the economic depression. Offers of ‘internships‘ ring out on most company vacancies enticing graduates, school leavers and basically anyone unemployed.

If you are lucky, chances are that the internship you are offered will be paid and this is if you’re very lucky. In most cases, it’ll be companies offering to pay for your expenses which isn’t bad but it means if you want to save some money, it’s a definite no go. Now for the unlucky, you will be funding everything out of your own pocket for the duration of say 3-12months. This is a bad decision and I wouldn’t recommend anyone in doing so but it depends on your circumstances. I believe in the saying ‘as long as your outcome is income‘ you should be alright.

Experience is everything, this is the only way you will meet like minded people like yourself; you might even meet the next Bill Gates in that same circumference of people. Especially in an economy failing as the UK is, reports have shown that we are in the incline but at what speed, 0.01%? If you want, believe in all the gods that exist but fact of the matter still remains, you won’t get your ideal job just on credentials alone. (I’m not being blasphemous, I’m a Christian myself but I know God helps those who helps themselves)

I am currently interning as a copywriter and looking to take on a journalism internship as soon as the opportunity rises, I need as much experience in all lexical fields to be a journalist. It is emotionally draining, let me tell you that – if you think your job is hard at least you can glue your mind to the end of month payment, what do we get as an intern? Experience, like I can eat experience or pay my bills with experience. However, in the brief time of 3 weeks I have learnt content editing, image manipulation, image resizing, SEO and so much more so it’s not all doom and gloom.

All I can give you as words of advice if you are an intern is to stick at it, find some government help, take on a weekend job because chances are your money will run out sooner or later and you don’t want to be a hindrance to your family unless they are of course fine with giving you an allowance of some sort.

Fix your eyes on YOUR end goal, your result, draw strength from your aspirations of making it in your chosen field and it will be worth it. Try and enjoy your internship too, this is very important. Build rapport with co-workers, be amicable to clients, they might turn out to be your future saviours.

Oh and another thing, grow a thick skin, a lot of sh*t will be thrown at you, you can either throw it back and stand your ground or become the revolving port-a-loo of everyone’s faecal MATTER.

The future is YOURS.

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