Keep Calm and Get A Job

The word ‘JOB’ tends to be pretty hard to digest. You’ve spent the last three years working hard and partying harder. Besides the late night essay writing, infinite amount of energy drinks and coffee, and in my case, the never-ending stitching and sewing, there is a part which can be found to be the hardest, what happens next?

The truth is, no one really knows. We are let out into the dreaded big wide world, and it can be hard to deal with as we’ve all had a sense of direction or help. However, there is hope! Here are just a few tips to help keep positive and enthusiastic about finding your dream job.

Internships and work experiences have created a bad name for themselves, and are considered an easy way for a company to make slave labour out of a desperate graduate. However, having been part of quite a few internships myself, I disagree. Yes, it can be hard knowing that you are not getting paid, sometimes, not even travel expenses, but I can honestly say it was the most I have ever learnt. Remind yourself that you are doing what you love and if you give 100%, I can assure you will get 100% back, paid or unpaid.

A lot of graduates feel like they need to know exactly what they want to do when they leave university, but it needn’t be the case. If you are lucky enough to know, then grab the bull by the horns and get yourself out there! For the not so lucky, don’t let it get you down. There has been many times where I have felt low, having no sense of direction or not knowing what I wanted to do. Keep yourself flexible, you still have plenty of time to work things out, experiment with different sectors of the industry, gain experience and get a feel for various options, it will help your understanding, as well as filling any missing gaps on your CV.

When I graduated, I felt that I could jump feet first into my dream job, but I’m sure a lot of you know that is most definitely not the case. It is very important when job-hunting that you stay open-minded, it is okay to work your way up through a company. Start as a sales assistant, show a great sense of commitment and hard work, and a promotion may just come your way. If you stay adamant that you are not willing to start from the bottom, it just isn’t going to happen.

If it is the creative industry that takes your fancy, start a website or a blog. Future employees want to see your work, it helps them gain information into your likes and dislikes, what kind of designer you aspire to be and a market that you are aiming to cater for. It’s also good for yourself, it helps you note any ideas that you have and a chance to gain feedback from others.

Lastly, KEEP POSITIVE! It is so easy to fall into a state of giving up, especially after the countless amounts of interviews, failed applications, and long, jobless days, but it WILL happen! Someone’s lose is someone else’s gain. Most industries are incredibly tough to break into (and I am sure a lot of graduates will agree with me). However, believe in yourself, if you know that you are good enough to give 100% to the industry of your choice, employees will believe in you too.

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