Movie Review: Kick Ass 2

When Kick Ass was released in 2010, it was a huge hit with both viewers and the media for a number of reasons. Most notably for the controversial scene where Chloë Grace Moretz, who depicted a tough criminal slaying vigilante named Hit Girl said the notorious ‘C word’ on screen, even though she was just aged 11 at the time of filming. So it’s no surprise that both fans and the media are now interested in what the sequel, Kick Ass 2 has to offer.

Being a fan of the first movie myself, I had big expectations for Kick Ass 2 and it surely did not let me down. The film continues straight from the first film however, with some differences. New York is now filled with make-shift heroes, all inspired by Kick Ass to bring some good into the world. Hit Girl or Mindy if you prefer, is the caring hands of Detective Marcus and Kick Ass (Dave Lizewski) is living a seemingly lonely life as a normal teenage boy.

The film then escalates quickly with Kick Ass convincing Hit Girl to team up and train with him. This however is short-lived as Hit Girl gets caught by Marcus who makes her promise to leave Hit Girl behind, leading to Kick Ass joining up with a bunch of the make-shift heroes including Colonel Stars and Stripes who is played by Jim Carrey. This group call themselves Justice Forever and begin to make a name for themselves. This angers Chris D’Amico who seeks revenge on Kick Ass for killing his father in the first movie and begins to form an evil army of his own in pursuit of becoming the world’s first super-villain, branding himself as the Mother F*****.

This evil army are quick to gain momentum, murdering Kick Ass’s father in an attempt to torture and lure him. This angers Mindy who is already frustrated, dealing with schoolgirl antics, therefore, Hit Girl returns! This leads into the final scene which is a battle between Kick Ass, Hit girl and their army of vigilante superheroes, against The Mother F***** and his army of criminals. I won’t give anything else away but I would definitely recommend watching this Movie.

The Good: Two words, Hit Girl. She is simply an amazing character. A five foot tall 15 year old girl who moves like a ninja and is not afraid to sever limbs off of criminals in the name of justice. Her character, combined with a hugely entertaining film that will have you both laughing and gripped to your seats definitely make the film worth seeing. The film is fast paced and enthralling, definitely not a movie that you would want to have a toilet break within.

The Bad: The story is lighter hearted than the first movie and can seem unnecessarily daft at times. The first movie felt more realistic and rational, however in Kick Ass 2 some of the action and dialogue is softer, with a few misplaced jokes and ridiculous behaviours from the characters. It seems the writers may be trying a bit too hard to squeeze-in extra humour?

In summary I would give this film a solid 8/10. It gives A* entertainment and you really won’t be let down. If you are still sceptical and haven’t seen the first movie then I implore you to give it a chance.

If you were wondering, the dialogue in Kick Ass 2 hasn’t been diluted since the first movie and is a far stretch from what you would hear in a Disney film. Hit Girl even says the ‘C word’ again, but this time with a difference! (If you watch the film you will understand.) I’m sure this action will give enough ammunition for activist groups to attack the film so the controversy will continue!

And as always with these types of films, wait until the credits end for an added scene.

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