Can journalists and celebrities ever be friends?


Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton had previously enjoyed a friendship, yes really the celebrity blogger had added Gaga to his phonebook alongside his other celeb pals including Katie Price and Katy Perry. This is extremely surprising for someone who is notorious for using his showbiz blog to speculate about the latest Hollywood relationship woes and spats, poking fun at celebrities with his famous captions.

So to hear that Perez Hilton enjoyed a relationship with the queen of pop is surprising. However no longer is this celeb-blogger / pop star relationship relished, as Lady Gaga has accused Hilton of stalking her. Well it is his day job to “stalk” celebrities’ latest movements!

It all started when Hilton started retweeting people on Twitter who were referring to Lady Gaga’s poor sales of her new single ‘Applause’. To add insult to injury Gaga has claimed that Hilton is deliberately looking to buy an apartment in the same building as her. Why not? The former BFF’s could have run across the hallway and had sleepover’s and midnight feasts.

This whole argument begs the question can showbiz journalists and celebrities ever be friends? Will the celebrity ever be completely relaxed knowing that whatever they say, their journo friend could be making mental notes ready to tell his editor the next day? Whilst the showbiz journalist has to maintain a good professional relationship with the celebrity, befriending them seems like crossing the line. Once they have stepped over this mark they are on uncomfortable territory, they can never write a negative article about their celeb friend.

However interestingly broadcaster Nick Grimshaw has a strong bromance with Harry Styles, which has probably done his radio show the world of good. If you tune into his Radio 1 breakfast show in the mornings, you will hear Grimshaw occasionally talk about his crazy nights out with Styles, even roping him in one morning after one of their nights out, to pull in some young listeners.

Judging by the amount of flack journalists get by celebrities threatening legal actions over false claims, it seems unwise for them to befriend the famous. Just look at Polly Hudson who labelled Cheryl Cole ‘boring’ and was met by criticism from not only the lady herself but Cheryl’s former bandmate Sarah Harding, who leapt to her defence. So it would seem that journalists and celebrities do not mix well. Rather it makes better headlines for them to be at loggerheads!

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