1/10 WOULD BANG your head against a wall

The ‘LADBible’ is one of the most repulsive and offensive concepts since crocs.

In all seriousness, where did the male species get this sense of self entitlement from? Do they genuinely think that giving a girl a score out of 10 is going to get them anywhere? I am beyond sick of hearing men use the ‘9/10 would bang’ phrase, as if it’s replaced chivalry, or whatever this generation believes the definition to be.

This sexist and almost misogynistic way of treating women is downright pathetic and completely unfunny. The only slightly plausible reason I can think of that it’s so commonly used is that certain males don’t possess the charisma or intelligence to talk to or about women in a normal way.

When I spoke to my male friends about the issue they all agreed it was disgusting, childish and purely sexist. However unbeknown to them, the majority of their actions are what prompted me to get into this subject in the first place.

I’m not naive, I realise the whole ‘boys will be boys’, lad culture business, where guys seem to turn into sexist pigs when they’re in a group together, however when singularly picked out, they are the sweet, kind people we’ve always dreamed they’d be.

The main outlet for this behaviour is social media, with Facebook and Twitter being the playground of easy targets. It grows monotonous to see girls uploading new pictures with endless comments from boys giving their score, mostly when they don’t even know the girl. Unsurprisingly I’ve seen hardly any 10/10 scores given; I wonder what these girls are doing that doesn’t quite live up to the standards of the average British male. Please, I’m dying to know, my life goal is to achieve the glorified 10/10 score on my Facebook profile picture.

Although these comments are often intended to be harmless, and are seen to some people as humorous and a light hearted joke, the content can be really harsh and downright horrible. For example:

 “Lost my virginity to an absolute shocker 3/10. GuttedLAD. But she did cook me bacon in the morning. Every cloud. BaconMakesItWorthItLAD.’

Oh you stud I’m sure you rocked her world and left her begging for more which is obviously why she cooked you breakfast, not because she’s a nice, considerate person or anything. It’s a common phrase that women are treated as a ‘piece of meat’. On this occasion, the piece of meat is being treated better than the woman. (You know what I mean). DiscriminationLAD.

Do these guys genuinely not realise that for a girl to go as far as to sleep with you, she must have some form of feelings and care for you? It’s not like it was a quick favour that took no thought or effort. For most girls and I hope most guys, sex is extremely personal, and although you have the choice of who you do and don’t sleep with, everyone deserves the same amount of respect.

Think about if you or a person close to you found out this comment was about them, how would you feel?

The ‘banter’ shown on the website can sometimes be actually quite humorous, when it’s not focussed around belittling women, however the fun always seems to be pointed at a particular person or a certain group of people . Whilst I was completely lost walking around Reading Festival in 2011, I saw a group of young guys who had set up their camping chairs along the path, holding up actual come dine with me style score cards to give to girls as they walked past. I am ashamed to admit I avoided walking past because I was afraid and embarrassed of what they would say.  A creative way of making me feel awful about myself I must say.

I have the absolute pleasure of being a supermarket employee. Whilst innocently replenishing the bottom shelf of the cat food aisle, a group of men who were old enough to be my dad walked past as I was bent over, and  one said ‘’That’s how I like my women, on their knees’’.

I was genuinely too shocked and had my head too far into the cat food boxes to make a reply. I was genuinely amazed that someone had actually said that out loud in a public place and that no one else in the aisle stood up for me or even acknowledged it. This was the first and definitely not the last time I was made to feel uncomfortable in my own work place.

As much as we’re meant to be living in a gender equal society, there are constant examples of misogyny and sexism in all aspects in life. The blame isn’t entirely on the male members of society either, as sexism is mainly centred around attacks on women, however men are victims also. It is a whole different sexist matter entirely that as much focus isn’t given to males who receive sexual harassment or sexist attitudes.

Some things are out of our control, with the constant hegemonic masculinity attitude enforced throughout history. However, it would be fantastic if the percentage of men who think it’s humorous and ‘laddish’ to belittle women in such an unfunny way could either come up with something a bit more creative and intelligent we can actually relate to, or maybe, just scraping the barrel for ideas here, but perhaps they could just stop being a complete ignoramus?

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