Think Positive, Think Green!

Saving Energy is finally the new trend: and that is the keyword for the future as imagined by the kids. At least, that’s how it works in Italy. The new eco-district “Le Albere”, in Trento (North Italy) is an international example of excellence in green, designed by Renzo Piano. 

Sustainability: a key-concept in many government agendas, but luckily not just a grownup thought anymore. Recently, NTT Data, in collaboration with an important high school in Milan, has conducted a research that underlines how important it is for kids (15 to 24 years old) to live in a world where sustainability is necessary.

Kids suggest eco-friendly urban centres in which mobile technologies will be at the service of the public transport, making it finally efficient and increasingly integrated with car-sharing and bike-sharing services. A city designed to decrease the environmental impact and encourage the connection among individuals with smartphones and tablets.

The urban future that they imagine doesn’t seem to be that far. As an example, in the beginning of July, in Trento, the new eco-district “Le Albere” has been presented. This project, designed by Renzo Piano, has transformed an industrial area in a new urban space, turning 116 thousand square metres in five acres of parkland, 18 buildings with a market share of green area for each 300 apartments, two pedestrian trails that lead to the city centre and canals, squares and underground car parks to maintain the harmonious landscape as much as possible uncontaminated by car.

“Le Albere” finished at 40%, will be the first Italian example of Smart City, designed to be taken at the international level. Not just the green space, but also the sustainable design. Each house has, in fact, the certification Casa Clima, which guarantees that, with home automation, materials chosen and solar power is surprisingly decreased the environmental impact of every home is surprisingly decreased. Cut costs by saving energy with renewable energies will allow to maintain a house of “Le Albere” with a third of the energy normally needed to power one of our traditional house.

“Renewable” is the watchword and this wise trend is producing quite a few excellent projects at the international level. For Italy, it is a good opportunity, as pointed out by the architect Piano, to turn the industrial brownfields in green fields, contrasting the progressive overbuilding of Italy, also know as “il Bel Paese”.

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