Book Review: Moranthology By Caitlin Moran

The author of 2012 bestseller How To Be A Woman’s second book is Moranthology, and unprecedentedly funny. Waxing lyrical on everything from The Royal Wedding, ‘giant squirrel balls’ and Benedict Cumberbatch; Moran’s musings have been collected from her three newspaper columns, and trace her adventures/memories from settings as diverse as the Tardis and a nightclub in Berlin with Gaga in tow.

This book, divided into concise chapters is perfect for someone, like me, whose attention span has been fried from too much Twitter use. However, this book should come with a warning. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK WHILST EATING CEREAL. I laughed so hard that my breakfast flew off my spoon.

For fans of: Tina Fey, anecdotes, The Great British Bake Off, Sherlock and Doctor Who.

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