Summer Albums of 2013

For those who live in mild climates where the modus operandi is perpetually overcast with a fifty-five percent chance of a guest appearance made by the sun, summer is the season we wait for all year-round and is, of course, the season that naturally goes by in the blink of an eye. How then to beat the summertime sadness that will inevitably ensue with August less than a week away from being irrelevant?

Here is an (incomplete) round-up of albums that conjure up the lazy vibes, hot days, and good times that summer is all about in order to keep back some of that SAD.



SPLASHH’s debut album Comfort is a godsend to fans of fuzzy buzzy bands. Lo-fi kicks paired to lyrics like “all I want to do today is sit by the pool and drink with you. Idle time away, consume the day, and find a reason to swim away” is basically summer’s calling card.

Song to listen to: Lemonade.


Bleached Ride Your Heart

The two L.A.-grown sisters that make up the surf rock band Bleached also came out with their debut album this year in Ride Your Heart, released earlier this spring. An energetic album to dance to, it will strictly leave you worrying about nothing more than having a night out with your friends.

Song to listen to: Next Stop.


Washed Out Paracosm

One of the more well-known artists of chillwave, Washed Out’s sophomore album Paracosm came out this month, and if you liked Within and Without, Paracosm will deliver the goods. It’s shoegazing pop and it’s sublime.

Song to listen to: Don’t Give Up.


Wavves Afraid of Heights

When a band’s last album is named King of the Beach, or when a band is called Wavves, there is a sense that their music will fit right in with days that are long and nights that bleed into the morning. Wavves’ garage rock is loud, youthful, and doesn’t give a flip.

Song to listen to: Afraid of Heights.


Trevor Dickson Summer Legs EP

So far the albums mentioned have been established as well as up-and-coming artists. Singer and songwriter Trevor Dickson may not have reached this part with his music yet but Summer Legs EP, besides having caught the attention of the internet, is worth the listen because in four songs, Dickson shows range so neatly it seems an easy feat. “Summer Legs” is definitely a personal favourite that was on repeat largely due to its catchy lyrics and psychedelic groove.

Song to listen to: Summer Legs.

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