Tips For Meeting Deadlines

As the new year at university approaches we will soon realise it’s not all about the fun and games of being a student, there is actually some work involved too. Another thing about university is that you have to manage your own time and your own workload, you don’t have the help and reminders like you did at school and college. You have a deadline and it’s your job to stick to it. No need to worry too much though, if you follow these tips then deadlines will be a doddle!


Get organised

Organisation is key, whether you use a calendar, a to-do list or just a written list of everything that needs doing. Make sure you state when things are due including the time and any notes that may come with it. For example, a word count, any specific layouts that may be needed and where the completed work must be sent to.


Create a plan of action

Keep a note of when you plan to start the essay or whatever task needs doing and stick to it. Keep track of your progress; this will help you to estimate how long it will take you to complete it.


Be in the mood

If you force yourself to get on with a task it won’t be your best work, however if you put yourself in the right mood then it will flow and you’ll be finished in half the time.


Break down tasks

If you break things down into sections that need completing then the workload seems smaller. Instead of one or two big things, you have a few more little tasks that can be finished without as much stressing out.



If you have a few things that need doing all at once, start with the hardest and the bigger parts and then things can only get better from then onwards. If you start with the worst parts and then move on through to the easiest bits then it will all seem to be easy in the long run. Trust me, it works!


And finally, relax.

You’ve completed your list of tasks just in time for student night so make the most of it and enjoy a cheeky vodka or two. That’s not the end of it though; more deadlines will be coming your way before you know it.

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