Top 10 scary films you have to watch

Now I’m no film fanatic but I agree with most people that there are some films that you just have to see. My favourite film genre is chick flick comedy and I absolutely cannot stand any action films, have never seen any James bond or Spiderman films (okay okay I know) however I am partial to a good scary film even though I’m already scared of the dark and have a very over reactive imagination. For example the light outside came on once, and there I was imaging a gang with guns but no instead it was a harmless hedgehog family crawling along. My bad. Anyway below is my list of the top 10 scary movies you HAVE to see!


When a stranger calls. You’ve all heard the myth of a young babysitter who keeps getting freaky phone calls telling her to check the children, and when she does the children are gone and there’s a stranger in the attic. Well this is a film, forever making me HATE being alone but a good watch.

Jeepers Creepers. Another scary film which leaves you singing the song ‘Jeepers creepers where d’you get those peepers’ and then remembering the scary eyes that appear in film. *shudders*

Paranormal activity. Okay okay whether you believe it’s true or not, you cannot say that any of these films aren’t scary. Get a blanket, some snacks and friends and prepare yourself!

Orphan. What can be scary about a couple who have just lost their baby so decide to adopt a sweet, innocent 9 year old girl? EVERYTHING. This is a horrifically scary film that you will not be able to forget in a long time! But definitely worth a watch!

The woman in black. Okay I have a confession to make, I haven’t actually watched this film. However I have seen the musical and that was enough to put be off the film. The rocking chair, combined with the ghost and children is enough to put anyone off. No thank you. (But I’ve heard its equally scarier)

The ring. Not only scary because it is about a journalist (that’s the career I want to get into) but imagine a series of deaths that happen a week after people watch a certain film. This film is a must and will have you on the edge of your seats as you too, try to work out what is happening.

Prom night. So your prom night is supposed to be one of the best nights of your life right? Well not for these teens. Grab a pillow and possibly your duvet, as you won’t be leaving your seat for the night.

Sorority Row. Friends are forever, right? Especially in this film when a group of friends try to cover up the death of another but don’t realise they are being followed by the real murderer. One to watch through your fingers.

The uninvited. Think mental illnesses, evil step mothers and ghosts and there you have a very scary film. This film will leave you speechless, questioning your own thoughts and unable to move from the sofa without sprinting faster than Mo Farah.

The mist. So a freak storm has left a town with unwanted visitors. Totally unbelievable but totally scary and has left me fearful and full of dread whenever the rain starts.

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