Social Media: Do We Share Too Much?

I felt compelled to write this after scrolling through my news feed on Facebook one morning and seeing that someone had uploaded an Instagram-type collage of their Grandma’s funeral, which included a picture of the guy posing and smiling next to the open casket of his dead Grandma. Alongside the image was a caption featuring an abundance of hashtags, including: #funeralssuck.

I was genuinely shocked that such a private event was being shared on Facebook for all to see. I wondered whether other people would have the same reaction – was I weird in being so taken aback by this? Has sharing this sort of thing become the norm?

It got me thinking about how much our lives can begin to revolve around social media. People find themselves in this mentality that if we don’t upload a picture, tag our location, or update our status, then it didn’t really happen. This way of thinking is unhealthy, not to mention a bit presumptuous that people actually want to be updated about what you had for breakfast/how much sleep you had last night/the last time you blinked.

As cheesy as it may sound, in this social media-obsessed age, people can get so preoccupied with documenting every moment of their lives, they forget to actually enjoy living those moments.

Don’t get me wrong, I use social media for all sorts – keeping in touch with friends; getting updated on the latest news; I’ve even found jobs on Twitter – but I find this culture of ‘oversharing’ quite bizarre. Am I alone in this way of thinking?

What do you think: have you been shocked by ‘oversharing’ on social media, or are you all for it?

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