The benefits of using a 16-25 railcard

If you are someone like me and would prefer to commute on a train daily to work or university, rather than hop on a bus, then you should know the reasons why I love my railcard.

This is a must have for my handbag everyday! I always make sure I carry my railcard even before the thought of whether my phone is with me or not. Knowing that I was going to be attending a university which is further away from home, I ensured that I had the best cheapest possibilities and benefits of commuting at a cheap price, as I know the sound of public transportation prices going high isn’t exactly helping us commuters.

Luckily, for students like myself, we have the many options of travelling on trains at an affordable price. If you open up a student account with Santander, HSBC or Natwest you are eligible for a free 16-25 railcard for 3-4 years, depending on your course duration. You can save up to 1/3 on rail travel costs and this railcard can be used anywhere in the UK. As we are on our summer break, the thought of having a rail card at this time if year was pointless, but actually I was wrong, as I managed to save heaps when I used the card to get a one way ticket to London and Edinburgh.

The railcard does more than just cover a 1/3 of your rail costs, you also get offers, discounts, giveaways and enter in competitions. Since applying, I received a free BITE card, which gives you 20% off at UK rail station brands, including Millie’s Cookies and Burger King.

A railcard can definitely help students who want to commute on trains at a cheaper price. Once you get a railcard, you will be saving from your very first train journey.

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