Uhh, dad… I’m gay! Sorry if it breaks your fragile heart!

International food brand Flora have found themselves at the centre of a heated debate this week, when this advertisement was released by one of their sub-companies. The advertisement which depicts a bullet with the words “Uhh dad, I’m gay” inside of it can be seen flying towards a fragile heart made of china, all set against a salmon pink background. Underneath it, the tagline reads “You need a strong heart today.”

The homophobic and highly distasteful advertisement suggests that finding out that your child is gay is like being shot through the heart.

Unilever, the company responsible for the campaign addressed a small apology earlier this week in a statement via their Facebook page. The statement apologised for their “unintended offence.”

This comes just after Ben and Jerry’s (also of the Unilever company) made a name change to one of their ice cream products in Australia to support same sex marriage. The popular flavour Cookie Dough has since become “I dough, I dough.”

The advertisement has received massive criticism from gay rights campaigners across Twitter and Facebook. One Facebook user rightfully questions just how such a distasteful and homophobic advertisement could ever be approved, let alone thought up.

The campaign, if allowed, would have undoubtedly made coming out to parents even more difficult than it already is, but is this simple and seemly heartless apology enough? Leave your thoughts below.

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