Love it, style it and wrap it

You might have seen your favourite celebrities rocking the head wraps look and wonder if you can pull it off?

The rise of the head wraps trend has me beside myself with joy and glee. Have you ever been in that annoying situation where your outfit and handbag is perfect, your shoes are right on point and your makeup never looked better? However your hair just won’t seem to go with the flow and it’s fighting you at your goal of achieving appearance jackpot? I hear many groans across England as we recall when this mishap happened to us.

Well ladies fear no more, the trending of head wraps wear has ensured that our bad hair days are a thing of the past, well there are still there but we can stylish cover them up. I hear you ask, isn’t that a summer trend?

Not at all! As we have officially entered autumn, using autumn colours and prints for your head wraps is a subtle way to move away from those bright summer colours. The beauty of the head wrap trend is that it goes with both formal and casual wear. It is an awesome way to get to both your lectures and even a night out looking stylish. This look is easy to do and very ethnic and edgy. African women have been nailing these looks for years; I very well remember watching my mother in awe as she styled her head wrap with such femininity and class.

Now that this look has hit many catwalks from Armani to Prada and very much becoming a western style too, it is our turn ladies to make this look modern and chic.

Worried that this look will break your bank? No need to, grab that silk scarf that is hanging around the house or spare £10 and go buy some fun printed scarfs of your chose. Get in touch with your inner Afro-chic or African Queen by rocking this look that helps you exude confidence and still feeling on trend at the same time.

Don’t have a clue on how to style a head wrap? Don’t worry I got you covered, with a few easy to do head wraps looks in the above pictures. So love it, style it and wrap it with nothing but sheer confidence in the street.

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