WWE Night Of Champions: Review

Written By Phillipa Hopwood: It was one of the most anticipated Night Of Champions Pay Per Views in recent years with every WWE title (Except the intercontinental championship) on the line.


Kick off show

Tag team Termoil kicked off the pay per view with Tons Of Funk, Prime Time Players, The Uso’s, The Real Americans and 3MB competing for a shot at The Shield later in the night.

3MB and Tons of funk started off the gauntlet style match with The Real Americans, The Uso’s and finally Prime Time Players joining after the previous team was eliminated. Prime Time players took advantage of being the last team out and Darren Young got the pin on Jack Swagger as the Player continues to receive a push since his revelation over a month ago.


Night Of Champions

Triple H kicked off the show with a boring promo about what’s “Best for business,” he was then interrupted by Heyman who had just been told by Raw General Manager Brad Maddox that his match with CM Punk was no no-DQ. He came out to ask Triple H to change it, but to no avail. Axel then got in Triple H’s face and the COO decided that the Champions should put his title on the line tonight since it was Night of Champions.


Curtis Axel v Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Championship)

Triple H sent Kofi Kingston out to face Axel in his first match of the night, ahead of his showdown with CM Punk. Axel had an answer to a lot of Kofi’s offence and after a lot of back and forth and a stressful match for Heyman. Axel got the three count and retained his title.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Curtis Axel


AJ Lee v Brie Bella v Natalya v Naomi (Fatal four way Divas title)

A lot of the build up for this match had Brie Bella walking away with the title, whilst she started the match off strongly, really taking it to the other three girls, it was Natalya that will be remembered for her incredible double sharpshooter to Brie and Naomi. But AJ managed to pop up at the most opportune time to put the Black Widow on Natalya for the submission win.

Winner and still Divas champion: AJ Lee


Alberto Del Rio v Rob Van Dam (World Heavyweight Championship)

Del Rio faced off against former ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez’s new boss Rob Van Dam, for a forty plus year old man, RVD held himself so well in the ring, the moves he can pull of are extraordinary, he took the fight to Del Rio and when it seemed the Mexican had no answer he got himself disqualified for not breaking the cross arm breaker in a five count.

Winner by DQ: Rob Van Dam

Still technically a win for Rob but sadly the title doesn’t change hands, even so, a win gifts him a rematch. But who knows how this will fit in with Rey Mysterio rumoured to be returning and facing his Mexican counterpart.


CM Punk vs Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman (Handicap Elimination)

In the only match of the night that didn’t have a title on the line, Curtis Axel made a big name for himself by holding his own against The Best in The World. CM Punk was always going to be the strongest in this match but Axel showed he was no pushover before Punk hit The GTS and made Axel tap to the Anaconda Vice. Punk then finally got his hands on Paul Heyman and after beating him with a kendo stick, handcuffed him and continued the onslaught, much to the crowds enjoyment.

In one of the biggest shocks of the night Ryback ran out and put Punk through a table before dragging Heyman on top of Punk for the three count.

Winner: Paul Heyman

CM Punk was bleeding quite a bit from a cut on his back after the match, when medics tried to help him, he pushed them away and looked quite angry about what had occurred.


Dean Ambrose v Dolph Ziggler ( United States Championship)

Ziggler had been given no build up to this match and it was only announced two days ago on Smackdown. Ziggler was ever the show off we are used to seeing and his and Dean managed to put on one of the stand out performances of the night.

With all the backstage heat around Ziggler lately even the most optimistic fan could not see him taking the title from a red hot Dean Ambrose. There was a lot of back and forth throughout the match with Ziggler hitting the famouser but Ambrose managing to get his arm to the rope. Ambrose finally hit his DDT interpretation for the win. For once the champion got a clean pin victory without the help of the other two members of The Shield.

Winner and still United States Champion: Dean Ambrose


Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns v Prime Time Players (Tag Team Championship)

With The Prime Time Players in red hot form as of late and The Shield as in form as ever, this match was one to look forward to. Seth was dragged around the ring and took a lot of abuse from Titus O’Neil before he got the bigger man in Roman Reigns tagged in. Even Roman was pushed around by O’Neil but it turned out to be Darren Young who would come closest with a two count pin on Rollins. The Shield had to resort to their dirty tactics of spearing Young behind the referee’s back so Seth could cover for the win. But both the Shield and The Prime Time Players look like this fight is far from over.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions: The Shield


Randy Orton v Daniel Bryan (WWE Championship)

Earlier in the night Triple H made the stipulation that The Shield and Big Show could not get involved tonight, he wanted Randy Orton to prove he was worthy of being the face of the company, against a revenge seeking Daniel Bryan. The match lasted around 25 minutes and was end to end stuff with both men looking like they could put the other away. Bryan is such a technician in the ring that he is a thrill to watch and Orton has improved so much with his character.

The rumours everywhere before the match was that Orton would retain and the storyline would continue, but Daniel Bryan was a different person, he was a man on a mission and when he hit the knee to the face for the win, the crowd were electrified. He had realised his dream, as he celebrated in the ring with his new title and the fans a lot of people expected Triple H to make and appearance, but the show ended with Daniel Bryan on the ramp with his new title.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

There were a few things wrong with the WWE title match, namely the referee, he was knocked out and after medical attention he got back up, having already been replaced and decided to continue, I have never seen this before and thought this would be part of an angle, and also his three count was a little fast, I thought it was only a two count and had to check the bell had rung.

I feel these are going to be brought to everyone’s attention tonight on Raw as Triple H addresses his new champion and the storyline takes a new turn.

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