Fashion Capitals of the World

New York fashion week came to an end on Thursday after a week of fantastic shows. The spotlight then turned it’s attention to London, with fashion week approaching its end the English Capital, next week the fashion pack will cross to Milan, and the week after that, Paris, will round up a fashion-filled month. Of course, there are many other cities that host fashion weeks around the world, but the ‘Big 4’ are the most famous and have the fashion world watching in anticipation over new season collections and trends. Designers, models, celebrities, and the fashion trends of the people, all contribute to the status of a ‘fashion capital’ The cities play host to a strong sense of style. It is this style that is celebrated throughout fashion weeks, a celebration of achievements and progress in fashion.

What makes these four cities, the most famous in fashion, in the world though?


New York 

New York is a modern city in many ways. The ‘City that Never Sleeps’. Fashion Never sleeps either, just like New York, it is constantly on the move. Constantly changing and never seizing to slow down. New York is a city known for its shopping tourism, with department stores such as Macie’s and Bloomingdales. It is also the back-drop for many fashion related films. You know the ones I mean, the Confessions of a Shopaholic and Devil Wears Prada kind. Where the girl is filled with ambitions of leaving her small town world behind in pursue of making it big in the fashion world. Where is that Fashion world? Only New York. The Big Apple has become almost a pilgrimage for fashionistas who wish to pursue their careers in the multi- billion dollar industry. Home also, to some of the biggest magazine publications in the world. New York, Likewise is a city, home to the financial districts. As fashion grows so does the economy. NYC has gained it’s reputation as a great fashion capital, due to the sheer leadership in terms of fashion. The City truly never sleeps, and will continue to be one of the leading fashion capitals.



London is the baby of the ‘Big 4’. In recent years it’s popularity has soared thanks to designers, celebrities and even the Olympics. Many years ago, London was not considered as big in the fashion stakes and was seen as ‘lagging behind the trio of New York, Paris and Milan. London truly deserves to be a fashion capital of the world. Not only is it home to world renowned designers, it is also home to the British high street, with stores such as Top Shop making a name for itself in other countries. High street is just as popular today, if not more. No one feels the need to hide the fact that yes, yes indeed they are wearing high street. A high street store label can be worn with pride today. In fact some shops have incredible collaborations with celebrities. The Kate Moss for Top Shop anyone? Which brings me onto my next point. London has some of the greatest names in fashion- designers such as McQueen, Westwood etc. Super Models such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cara Delevingne. In addition, the world watches our Royal Family with much inquisition. “What is Duchess Kate wearing? Which designer?” It is this fascination with British fashion that has lead to London stamping it’s print on the world fashion industry. The Olympics improved this greatly also, with so many eyes on the City, fashion was represented as one of our greatest achievements. I agree with this sentiment- The UK fashion industry should be celebrated. We have a unique sense of style, even on the streets. According to a recent statistic in Vogue UK, “The fashion industry is worth £21 billion… More than the UK car industry”. London carries on going from strength to strength and is a worthy recipient of the leading fashion capital of the world.



Paris is the oldest in terms of the big 4. It is classic and home to the fashion houses. As well as traditional fashion vocabulary- Vogue, Chic, Haute- Couture…. The Parisian houses ooze glamour and ‘Chic’. The most romantic city in the world, is also one of the most fashionable. The world has a romance with this City, falling in love with Haute- couture every time. Some of the most famous designers have originated from this part of the world- Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, to name a few, have rightfully deserved their titles as classic fashion icons. Paris in many ways has revolutionised the world of fashion, setting unbelievably high standards. Most fashionistas would love to take a walk down the Camps E’lysees. Paris has a lot to teach the other cities, from it’s grand experience as the oldest fashion capital. Old movies explore this Parisian quality, watch any Audrey Hepburn film and her designer of choice Givenchy is a prime example of the love fashion has for Paris. Internationally known for it’s elegance, it is the height of sophistication.  It is no wonder that it continues to be a top four.



Italian fashions are likewise to Paris, elegant and some of the most classic. Another City that has had many years of experience in being one of the best. Some of the biggest designers ever seen have come from Italy- Versace, Armani, Prada, Missoni, Miu Miu, Gucci,  and Dolce & Gabana. Their names are every where, representing the best in luxury fashions- From sunglasses to luggage. From couture to perfumes, Milan is responsible for a huge proportion of the fashion industry. It continues to inspire new generations of designers and fashion lovers from all corners of the world.


Fashion is ever changing. New generations being about new ideas, the Cities grow and sometimes fall economically, but whatever the circumstances fashion can always help to connect people from all over the world. Maybe these fashion cities will not be the most popular forever, only time will tell. As fashion week is now in its full swing, we can begin to wonder what these cities, or any cities for that matter, will bring us in the world of fashion.

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