Album Review: Kids In Glass Houses – Peace

In 2011, Kids In Glass Houses released In Gold Blood and were met with what can only be described as an underwhelming reception. The band’s venture from their pop-rockier roots was met by controversy as some people who called themselves dedicated “fans” deserted KIGH despite the fact that In Gold Blood still showcased the deep rooted song writing talent that Aled and co. are known for (see: Animals if you are looking for a proper rock tune).

However, fast forward to the present year and those who abandoned KIGH claiming IGB was not too their taste may soon be back as new release Peace is arguably the best Kids In Glass Houses have ever been.

It would be hard to fault any of the songs at all as Peace is full of proof that Kids In Glass Houses are the most underrated and possibly the most talented band in the UK right now. Whilst the album is yet again a step in a new musical direction, if you listen closely there are still signs that the past albums have made their mark, the catchiness from Smart Casual is still there, as are the enthralling rock ballads we saw on Dirt (note Nightcrawler, the album closer, which is a wonderful progression from past ballads the band have penned such as The Morning Afterlife).

The new sound of the songs is evident in the serious 80s vibe that can be picked up from some tracks, yet rather than sounding dated, the songs are fresh and fun and incredibly catchy. It’s hard not to tap your feet when listening to the infectious fabulousness of Set Me Free and VIP.

Lyrically, there is no fault to be found either. Aled Phillips has definitely outdone himself this time and if being a talented lyricist wasn’t enough, Phillips’ vocals are even more enchanting than ever. It’s easy to get lost in his voice and whilst some bands on the same circuits as KIGH may get away with lower than par vocals, there is no drop in standard where Aled is concerned.

It’s hard to find a more underrated band in the UK to be honest, as although there is usually a small amount of hype around Kids In Glass Houses when they release an album, they are often overlooked between album cycles unlike their mates in You Me At Six, yet KIGH continue to work hard and tour constantly and their hard work has only made them a better band in the process.

If you’ve never listened to Kids In Glass Houses and you are a fan of rock music, definitely give Peace a listen to, as I promise you will not be disappointed. You can also catch the band on tour right now in intimate venues across the UK.

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