Miley Cyrus: Bangerz

‘Bangerz’ is the latest album from Disney star Miley Cyrus.

And oh my, she is not a Disney star any more! ‘Bangerz’ is a ‘shout out’ to forget her ‘Hannah Montana’ fame and she is going the right way about it. Her latest music video ‘Wrecking Ball’ shows Miley half naked swinging around on a demolition ball. Oh, not forgetting the seductive moment with a sledge hammer!

Miley Cyrus rose to fame after being the star of Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’.

‘Bangerz’ which was released today (7th October) features the likes of Britney Spears, Nelly and Ludacris. Kicking off the album ‘Adore You’ is self explanatory. Singing about her love life, Miley goes deep by saying ‘You and me were meant to be in holy matrimony/ God knew exactly what he was doing when he led me to you’. Pretty deep for a 20 year isn’t it!

Another track on the album ‘FU’ featuring French Montana is a huge kick in the teeth to Liam Hemsworth (Ok, I shouldn’t assume it’s about him, but if I didn’t where’s no fun in that right?!). I can imagine the music video, so strong but yet so elegant (if Miley could be elegant) but this is yet another great track.

Ending the album (deluxe version) on a high, ‘Hands In The Air’ featuring Ludacris is the beginning of a new story. Being single and doing what ever she wants to, Miley Cyrus is free to raise her hands up and start living the life she wants.

I respect Miley for what she is doing. She’s 20 years old, wanting to get rid of her past and start a ‘new life’ as Miley Cyrus. She isn’t leading crazy lifestyle, everyone (ok, maybe not everyone) is doing it at that age, think of when you was at uni guys! Yes, exactly.

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