Justin Timberlake: The Man With 20/20 Vision

I’ve always enjoyed J T’s music but I was never a fan until now. My appreciation for him as an artist and respect as a man is now cemented in my psyche for as long as he keeps it real. I can’t imagine him veering off to the dark side as many of his peers have done; this is the sad side of showbiz. Sadness isn’t something I associate with Justin Timberlake but I’m sure there is much we don’t know about this musical, acting talent and inevitable iconic legend.

So how does someone manage to wear so many hats and suit each one of them? As an outsider who is just surmising, It seems to me as though J T has taken his time knowing that growing up takes patience and has its stages. While others are rushing full steam ahead, he appears to have evolved with a pace that brings out the best of him at the right time avoiding the career and soul damaging collision with his self.

The 20/20 Experience is proof that embracing the transformation from boy to man will be the time of your life. This is dream music for my ears; edgy, classy, sexy and some sassy behaviour! I particularly love the tracks such as Strawberry Bubblegum with some old school smoothness from the opening line that transports me back to those sultry soul days yet keeps me in this moment.  I have that Tunnel Vision for this inspired album.

There are a multitude of surprises in this flawless collection of songs but what isn’t surprising is the way Justin has carefully added hints of the past that flow effortlessly into the music of today without compromising the integrity of each delectable sound and its roots. The 20/20 Experience is a uniquely mature piece of stylish genius with more than a note of infectious fun; not a twerk in sight to sell millions of copies, just Justin!

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