Hot Natured- Different Sides of The Sun, Review

The Hot Creations signed group are a powerful electronic music group consisting of co-founders of the label Lee Foss and Jamie Jones who later added the very talented Ali Love and Luca C from the group Infinity Ink. Hot Natured have recently released their album ‘Different Sides of the Sun’ consisting of 15 simulating, epic tracks of chilled deep house and electro beats.

The group will be most known for their head bopping basslines of the track “Reverse Sky Diving” featuring the vocal input of the brilliant Anabel Englund who arguably made the track its success through her catchy lyrics and effortless voice. Another track made triumph through the mainstream music scene is “Benediction” thanks to Ministry Of Sound’s album released earlier this year, “The Sound of Deep House”. -An album which listeners of Hot Natured would rather not be associated with or take kindly to.

Aside from these tracks, the album has an undoubtably relaxed charm taking the listener to a peaceful and blissful state. The album is definitely made for the relaxing state activities rather than the dance floor. “Isis” fuses a middle eastern instrumental bringing the listener on the journey through the “magic carpet ride”, whilst “Tightrope” and “Mercury Rising” convey the groups Balearic tinged house style. The exotic styles and inputs are fundamentally where your imagination takes you when listening to the album.

The unique sounds the four DJ/producers create are not for your average ‘house head’ who seem to be cropping up in abundance through recent months. Hot Natured’s style is much more chilled, fused with inspirations and influences from foreign and middle eastern input. ‘Planet Us’, ‘Take you There’ and ‘Forward Motion’ bring a distinctive feel to the album thanks to the influences and sounds from the two Infinity Ink DJ’s heavily bringing their style to these songs.

The album is definitely one you want to stick with and listen to until the end. Here’s to hoping Hot Natured continue to create amazing sounds and release future albums.

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