Lawson Live at the London Roundhouse – Review

After supporting Jessie J at her iTunes Festival gig last month, UK pop/rock band Lawson made a triumphant return to the Roundhouse stage on Saturday night for the London stop of their Everywhere We Go Tour.

Now, you may be sitting there wondering why you have never heard of this band before and that wouldn’t be all too surprising. Despite a huge US and UK following, they remain relatively unknown to the world. Yet, with an impressive 6 top 20 UK singles in the past year and a half, chances are that you have heard one of their songs playing over the radio.

In an industry that has become so focussed on image and making money, Lawson manage to strip it all down and take it right back to what is important; the music. Every bit of their performance is perfectly crafted and flawlessly presented. From upbeat pop tunes to heartbreaking ballads and even a new, more RnB styled number, Lawson really know how to put on a show. Opening with their recently released single Juliet and closing with their UK hit Standing in the Dark, they had the crowd singing along right from start to finish. Front man Andy Brown knows exactly how to work a crowd, switching between playing guitar and bouncing around the stage. He even managed to get up-close and personal with the crowd during their cover of This Is What It Feels Like.

It’s hard to pick the best part of the show, but a personal highlight saw Brown take centre stage, accompanied by nothing but an acoustic guitar, to sing the spine-tingling ballad The Girl I Knew. Asking the audience to help him sing as he “struggles with this song”, the crowd was wrapped up in every note. The thing about Lawson is that not only are they incredibly talented and established, but they also manage to have a strong relationship with their fans. Full of praise and appreciation for their audience and those who have supported them along the way, it is nice to see a band manage to stay so genuine and humble despite selling out such an iconic venue.

Lawson are one of those bands that just belong on stage and I personally cannot wait until the day they are selling out arenas all over the world. Attend just one of their concerts and I guarantee they will have you hooked.

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