Five of the Most Tech-Friendly Cars to Buy in 2013

Luxury cars are often the frontrunners in their use of technology, offering a higher level driving experience in terms of both comfort and connectivity. The following are five prime examples of today’s top in-car technology, which you can expect to see trickle down to lower priced models over the next couple of years.

1. BMW ActiveHybrid 3

The relatively affordable BWM ActiveHybrid 3 comes fully loaded with all of the company’s electronic bells and whistles. If you find parallel parking to be a nuisance, the car will do it for you. This sporty hybrid is also capable of automatically dimming its lights when it detects oncoming traffic, and will alert you with a beep if you get too close to another vehicle when parking. It also shows you your current speed on its digital display, and its Sat-Nav is coordinated with Google Search along with offering a number of other apps to choose from.


2. Audi A8

Up to eight devices can be hooked up to the Audi A8’s Wi-Fi network, which will keep all passengers happy on long road trips. The digital infotainment system also connects with Google Earth and other navigation features. A central LCD screen can be used to control navigation, audio and media, phone integration settings, and other vehicle controls. Drivers who find this distracting can choose to store the screen at the touch of a button. Bluetooth, a DVD player, and voice recognition software help round out the full package.


3. Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible

The Bentley GT Speed Convertible may attract a discerning clientele due to its incredible engine power and stylish looks, but this luxury car also comes jam-packed with the latest infotainment options. If you take a look at these Bentley cars at Carsales you can see that the company is no slouch when it comes to using software to enhance the driving experience. In the 2013 model, you’ll find a 30GB hard drive included in the car, enabling features like live traffic data, digital radio, satellite imagery, and point of interest mapping. It can also track tyre pressure while driving and provide access to phone contacts using a Bluetooth connection. Drivers can avoid listening to the same tunes on repeat, because 15 gigabytes are allotted to music storage, along with the more old-fashioned six-disc CD changer.


4. Volvo S60

Volvo has put safety down as a top priority in its latest models, pledging to reduce collisions whenever possible. At the heart of this pledge is its cutting edge technology, which can be seen in this year’s S60. The car displays digital images of road signs in the dash board for better visibility, and can stop the car automatically if pedestrians are detected in the car’s path. The Volvo S60 also boasts an adaptive cruise control system, allowing it to automatically adjust its speed according to the car in front of yours.


5. Tesla Model S

Tesla’s Model S is already notable enough for being one of the most performance-oriented fully electric cars. It can travel from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds, and benefits from rapid charging to save time. The interior is also quite technologically advanced, however. It offers a fully digital layout, including a large touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, and satellite navigation. You can easily surf the web or listen to satellite radio while you wait for your Tesla to charge.

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