Why Are You Still Awake

Most people have more likely than not experienced insomnia to some degree at a point in their lives. Many people suffer terribly from it, whereas for others it can happen before a stressful event such as a job interview, an unpleasant meeting on the horizon or even just Monday morning!

There are many ways to improve your chances of a good restful nights sleep and many ways to rule one out too. Take a look at these helpful ideas to both prevent a bad nights sleep and encourage a more wholesome one.

Avoiding stimulants on an evening will make a huge difference to the chances of you nodding off before 3am. Caffeine should be left behind at the office, evening drinks of cola, coffee and tea should be avoided at all costs as the caffeine in all three will be enough to affect those who are susceptible to the simulative effects of the drug.

Alcohol is another no-no late at night. Certainly, if you drink enough, falling asleep won’t be a problem, but the chances of waking a few hours later feeling dehydrated and lousy are really high as you will not be achieving a quality sleep while sparked out on alcohol.

Eating a huge meal before bed cannot only leave you bloated and uncomfortable, it can also cause indigestion and heartburn. Try to have a main meal at lunchtime so your body has time to burn off the calories. Eating carbs on an evening should not affect the body too much, so toast in the evening if you must eat is one idea.

If the bed you are sleeping in is uncomfortable, there will be no quality sleep to be had. A firm supportive mattress and a bed base without broken slats or springs are essential for avoiding tossing and turning in the night or waking up with an aching back. Take a look at online bed manufacturers if it is time to replace old with new. Don’t forget to choose pillows, which support the neck and feel comfortable, the less lumps the better.

Switching off computers, TV and other electrical devices a good hour before trying to sleep will help the brain switch off and stop it from becoming over-stimulated at the wrong time of day. Facebook calls us away from all sorts of activities these days but try not to let it ruin your bedtime too.

Exercise is always good, but too much before bed will only stimulate the body rather than relaxing it. Cortisol, which is a stress hormone, is released after excessive exercise and tis will put the brain on high alert instead of chilling it out.

Sometimes, it’s the small changes in our nightly routine that can make the biggest differences, so give these tips a try to make night time the right time.

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