5 reasons why you should visit Buenos Aires

1. Have you ever heard the expression “the end of the world”? This is how Argentina, the most southern country of Latin America, is known. Travelling to Argentina, you will be able to say: I‘VE BEEN IN THE END OF THE WORLD. (Even get yourself a t-shrit with that).

2. The second reason, even if you never heard tango, is that you will be able to say: I´VE BEEN IN THE CAPITAL OF TANGO. Buenos Aires has milongas, places where you can see, listen, dance and learn to tango.

3. THE MIX OF CULTURES you can see. You will travel about 10 or 12 hours to find people and cultures from the entire world in just one place. You may see historical buildings, Italian places, Mexican food, Asian markets, and more. You need to go to San Telmo where the old and weird things are all together in a market full with tourists and a lot of character. Recoleta, Puerto Madero, the Microcentro are neighbourhoods interesting to visit, too.

4. Everyone who visits Buenos Aires loves the food. You will be then able to say: I’VE EATEN “ASADO”! The meat is great here. Some tourists say that both fresh and cooked meat is great, but now let’s talk merely about food. You need to try the asado. But there are good options for veggies, too. You can mix meat, vegetables, pasta, pizza. Whatever you want, you will find it here. Also, as a snack or for the afternoon, don’t miss mate –a typical beverage. Foreigners usually confuse it with drugs, but no! It’s just a kind of tea. And if the locals offer you mate, enjoy the experience! (There are no collateral effects, because remember: it’s like tea, it’s legal, not a drug at all).

5. Take into account that Buenos Aires is the capital with more psychologists per habitant. While in developed countries there are between 25 and 45 professionals per 100.000 habitants, in Argentina the number of psychologist rises to 105. In Buenos Aires, there are the porteños. They are passionate about football, politics, opinion, family. You may love them, because they can be social, funny, cheerful and warm or you may hate them because they can be rascal and vain. You need to try and experience by yourself.

One thing is for sure: people who came to Buenos Aires always want to come back.

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