Changing Your Mind About University- Why It’s Okay

I entered 2013 headstrong and confident about where my life was heading. I was going to university to study Equine Science, I was going to become a equine veterinary nurse; that was the way my life would pan out. Case closed. The ‘uni buzz’ swept through my sixth form, and I was determined to go along with it, although deep down as June drew to a close and so did my time at sixth form I began having doubts. I put those doubts down to nerves- to uncertainty that would all fade away once I began my course and started living this new life I had planned for myself.

As Fresher’s week rolled around I was nothing short of a wreck. I had spent the weeks leading up to this point moping around my house, not enjoying what should have been one of the best summers of my life. Something was very wrong, and I still thought that my only option was university. It was on this week that I made one of many mistakes that I’m sure I will make in my life; I rushed onto a different course as quickly as possible, convincing myself that my course choice was the problem; that it didn’t offer me enough prospects post-uni, and that a degree in Business Management was now the way to go. The reactions from people close to me only made matters worse- they thought I was making a wonderful, mature decision, and that this new direction was perfect for me. And whilst I nodded along obediently and half-heartedly remarked about how happy I was, doubt still sat heavy on my mind.

It has taken me three weeks to finally recognise and accept that university, at least for right now, is not for me- and I am no longer scared or ashamed of that realisation. Whilst it was daunting to admit it to both myself and my parents-the alternative was much more frightening. University made me feel trapped, and giving myself a year to answer to no one and do the things that make me happy (and work, of course) is the best decision I have ever made.

So, if you’re on the fence about the next big decision in your life- know only this; you do not have to answer to anyone. Your decisions are yours alone, and the only person you have to please is yourself. If university is for you… fantastic. If you want to explore the world with nothing more than a backpack…do it! And if you want to take a year out to work a 9-5 job while you figure out your life, whilst writing about whatever you want whenever you want and spending your spare time on the sofa watching reruns of Friends…well then I salute you, because that’s where I’ll be- and I’ve never been happier.

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