4 ways you can make your home more energy efficient

Every year is the same. When winter strikes, our gas and electricity consumption goes through the roof as we’re strangled by shockingly high bills each month. In an effort to combat this, we have put together four of the best energy saving tips to get you through the festive season.


Insulation and roof coatings

On average, your home should have between six and thirteen inches of loose fill insulation or seven – nineteen fiberglass batts. Venture up into the attic and carry out a thorough inspection to ensure that you have the right level of insulation and that it is fitted correctly. By doing this, you will help to reduce heat loss and keep your home warmer.

Your roof also plays a big role in energy consumption. Having a roof that is properly waterproofed will protect it in the long term and reduce the likelihood of leaks. Tor Coatings provide a variety of waterproofing solutions for flat and pitched roofs.

You can also kill two birds with one stone by creating your very own green roof! This involves growing vegetation and plants on top of your flat roof to lock in heat and absorb water. All you have to do is apply a liquid waterproofing layer on the surface, lay down a filter sheet, and start growing some vegetation. You can buy a variety of wild flowers suitable for green roofs from Wild Seed.



A very simple – but often ignored – tip is to switch off all lights when they aren’t being used. This is a never-ending crusade for most Dads in the home, but it does make a difference! In an average house, lighting makes up 20 per cent of an electricity bill. Make it part of your muscle memory to switch lights off when you leave the room.

It may also be worth replacing your current bulbs for energy-saving alternatives. They do cost more than your standard bulbs, but you can make significant savings in the future.


Hunt down drafts

The next thing you should do is go searching for any potential drafts around the home. Check around your doors and windows for gaps and ensure you aren’t losing heat on a windy day. To learn more about draught proofing, visit the Energy Saving Trust.

There are infrared thermometers on the market that allow you to find cold spots by simply pointing the device around your home. There is a varied selection available on Amazon that could be helpful.



At present, we live in an ‘always-on’ digital age, where we are advised to leave our devices in stand-by and sleep modes. To put it simply; if it’s not switched off, it’s still using energy. Pull the plug on that energy-hogging TV and computer to reduce your electricity consumption this winter season.

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