Lady Di’s ghost is haunting Kate Middleton about her weight

This story was first reported by The Daily Star. The former spiritual counsellor of Lady Di, Simone Simmons, told the newspaper that the late royal was telling her daughter-in-law that she was too thin, from beyond her grave.

Kate has lost all her baby weight in less than two months (with doing nothing but some yoga), and is as thin as ever. This is what supposedly worries Diana’s ghost, who is said to visit the new mom every week. She says she hopes that Kate starts to eat properly and stops worrying about her weight.

This story seems absolutely ridiculous, and we shouldn’t believe a bit of it. But we can still get something out of this, and it is that the health and weight of royals are under high surveillance from the media.

Diana had health issues back in the days. She famously battled bulimia. She would gobble a great amount of food and then make herself sick. As she was losing weight by doing it, she told some people that she had found a new way of dieting, but it became a real problem in which she was caught alone, without the help of Charles. Diana had then become very open about her eating disorder, and was speaking out loud about it, trying to raise awareness.

But is it possible that we’re seeing the same thing now, as Kate is in the same place Diana was some decades ago? Since marrying Prince William, the former Kate Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge, has lost a lot of weight. Just at the time of the wedding, experts and royal watchers had been very worried about her tiny frame, thinner than usual. When the photos from her high school and university days surfaced in the media, we saw a chubbier Kate Middleton than what we would see in 2011.

Stress or diet, it doesn’t really matter. She’s one of the most photographed women in the world since her engagement to Prince William, as was Diana when she married Prince Charles. She serves as a role model for so many people: from young girls to brides and new moms. Let’s be honest, she’s a commoner turned princess, dressed in the prettiest designer dresses and married to a sweetheart. Of course she’ll have enviers.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a ‘’thinspiration’’, which is like a role model but for girls dying to be skinny, leading to anorexia. Photos of her are adored by teens that have body issues, and want to look as tiny as she does. According to, Kate is 5 feet 10, weight about 124 pounds wears a 30B size bra and a US size 2.

It is said that William won’t ever let her have eating disorders or any health problem, and he’s very protective of her, because of what happened to his mother. Also, Kate Middleton, 31, is a much more grown woman than Diana was, as she married Prince Charles as 19. But an eating disorder isn’t something one can control, nor quit easily.

So, as long as Kate Middleton is healthy, and probably only she can know about that, I see no problem in her being thin, if that’s the way she is. I only hope nobody will hurt themselves by trying to look like her by dieting or skipping meals. An eating disorder is not a joke, and must be taken seriously.

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