Should you buy #1: A World Of Keflings

This game has been out on the Xbox live marketplace for sometime now (about two years). Recently it has been added onto Xbox’s Free Games for a month, so i thought i would give it a shot and decide whether it is worth the trouble of downloading.

The premise of the game is that you are your Xbox Avatar and you in a world dominated by minuscule creatures called Keflings; you are a giant to them, so you must help them out through various environments and use your big giant man power to create buildings. The way you do this is by collecting resources, which can be collected and mined by your Keflings. Imagine you as the over ruling emperor, and the Keflings as your slaves.

I started the game on a weekly challenge mission. It’s a different game mode that you can choose to do instead of the main story but plays pretty much the same. The only difference is instead of you carting through different lands (snow, forest desert) you are isolated to one environment and given a certain aim to complete. The task i had to do was build three air balloons, which sounds easy but I had to play through about 4 hours to achieve this, slowly evolving new buildings. This game would appeal to you if you are a fan of the progress table genre.

I have started the actual campaign. I am about 2 hours in and so far I found that the start environment (the snowy island) has very limited actions for you to do and the game play is very linear in the way that its just trying to reach objective after objective with no means of an end. Also the gameplay can get rather repetitive towards the longer hours of playing, i found this a problem and often had to switch off and find something else to fill my time.

My favourite features of the game are the adorable and sometimes witty speech conversations; although the Keflings can’t actually talk, speech bubbles dictate what they are thinking. Also the ability to start a whole factory line of little people all doing individual jobs can sometimes make me feel quite empowered.

Should you get this game? I’d say yes to that if you enjoy strategy simulation games and would happily spend an hour slowly gathering resources to build a factory, but no if you prefer more action and a quick buzz from your games and you want them to be serious (games such as call of duty)

overall review:7/10

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