Tips and tricks for working from home

I started a new job some months ago that required me to work from home. I was a little bit disappointed because I loved to work in an office, interact with people, get dressed, have lunch breaks outside, etc. Now, I would like to share my tips and tricks to be happy working from home!


Wake up!

Don’t take it easy in the morning. Wake up as if you had to go out to work. Then take time to take a shower, eat breakfast and maybe watch the news before starting your day. The very best part of working from home is not having to commute in the morning. Some would take that extra hour to sleep but I use mine to take start my day smoother and organise myself. It’s very important that you have some sort of a schedule of your day.


Dress yourself

Don’t work in pyjamas, or in sweatpants. Dress smart, but obviously not overdressed, as no one will see you. But my tip would be dress like if someone would see you. Let’s say your boss calls for a Skype meeting, you don’t want to be in your fleece onesie, do you?


Take breaks

Do like if you were in a real office. Take breaks, look outside, go to the bathroom, have a glass of water… I know I tend to get very focused sometimes, and I don’t see the time going by. At the end of the day, I get blurry vision because of too much time in front of my computer.


Go outside

While you’re taking a break, why don’t you go outside? Take a little walk, or go take some breaths of fresh air outside your home. Maybe there will be days you won’t have to go outside your home as you work there and don’t have any errands to run. So it’s really important you make time for that little walk.


Work on a table

Don’t work on your bed, or on the couch. You’ll find yourself less productive that way, and so much less comfortable. If you don’t have a proper desk, work on the kitchen table. You’ll also have more space for papers, agenda, post-its, etc.


Eat lunch in the kitchen

Leave your computer and your cell phone behind while taking a break for lunch, as you would probably do if you were working in an office. Enjoy that break, like everyone does at that time of the day.


Interact with people

As I’m working alone at home, I’m not making any contacts with people. My best trick is Twitter. I interact so much more on Twitter since I’m working home. I have more time, no one is watching me behind my shoulder and that way I feel like I’m less alone.

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