Web series – Lauren review

Troian Bellisaro is absolutely mesmerising as the character of Lauren in the WIGs web – series of the same name.

The series tells the gritty story of a young female soldier who, following a brutal sexual assault by her fellow comrades – in – arms, struggles to get justice after reporting the attack to her commanding officer. It brings attention to a subject that until recently has been an ugly “military secret”.

Although Bellisaro is probably best known for her role as the Pretty Little Liars’ character, Spencer Hastings, this captivating portrayal certainly shows that she has enough talent to take on bigger and more demanding parts. She delivers in every one of her scenes, proving what a phenomenal actress she is. I, for one, will be following her career with great interest and have no doubt that we can expect very impressive things from her in the future.

Both seasons of Lauren are now available on the WIGs youtube and with each episode being no more than nine minutes in length, it means that you can settle down and catch up on it all in less than three hours.

Trust me, it’s time well spent!

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