Alt Corner #3: Blitz Kids

It seems to me that the lack of alternative music covered on this site is depressingly thin. Having grown up in a rock-loving community, where small alternative bands have thrived for years, this depresses me. And so, Alt. Corner is born. Every week I’ll be recommending an alternative rock band for you to listen to, ranging from colossuses of the underground scene to unsigned groups who are destined for something bigger. This week, I’ll be looking at…

Blitz Kids

Now, Blitz Kids aren’t exactly what I’d call a ‘small’ band. They’ve been gaining a lot of exposure over the past year, and deservedly so. Having just started a string of tour dates supporting Mallory Knox and with their second full-length album ‘The Good Youth’ looming on the horizon, it’s easy to see that Blitz Kids are knocking at the gates of arena shows and bus tours. But they’re not as big as they probably should be, and it’s for this reason that I’ve decided to include them in this feature. They’re a big band with the exposure of a much smaller band, a fucking panther in the body of a tabby cat. One listen of new single ‘Roll the Dice’ is enough to convince you of that.

Blitz Kids, for me, exemplify everything that’s great about British rock music right now. The Nantwich quartet is punchy, raw, and energetic, and in an age of bs and auto tune there’s just not enough of that these days. We’re in the middle of a Brit-rock revival, reigniting the flames of the music that used to be so prominent in our country, and these guys are pushing their way to the front lines.

Their debut album ‘Vagrants and Vagabonds’ was one of the hidden gems of 2011, boasting huge riffs and even huger choruses. It’s everything you’d expect a rock group’s first album to be: creative, heavy, and unique – the sound of a band trying to carve a path for themselves, and to set themselves stand apart from the throngs of wannabes. First song ‘To The Lions’ is a huge song and a statement of intent, and it’s only fitting that it was many listener’s introduction to Blitz Kids. However, the more recent ‘Never Die’ EP (2012) showed a maturing sound, and offered a taste of what may be to come on forthcoming record ‘The Good Youth’. Whereas ‘Vagrants and Vagabonds’ was for small, packed, sweaty venues ‘Never Die’ was anthemic to the highest degree, very similar to early Lostprophets but more interesting, and with more potential. Recent singles ‘On My Own’ and ‘Roll the Dice’ all but confirm that.

Blitz Kids are one of the most promising acts in British music right now. They already have a solid platform but very soon that won’t be enough to hold them, so get ahead of the crowds while you can and listen to them now.

Listen to: ‘To the Lions’, ‘On My Own’.

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