Kanye West’s Bound 2 Video

Kanye West has debuted his video for latest single, ‘Bound 2’, from his last album titled ‘Yeezus’.

The video features long, lavish, open shots which include horses, a naked Kim Kardashian (the mother of his child and fiancée, for those who aren’t aware) and Mr West riding a motorcycle.

And it is the tackiest video imaginable.

We understand that both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (or Kimye, if you wish to call them that) are incredibly happy and in love… yet must she be included in his videos, especially topless? No. She doesn’t. And wearing clothes is fine.

Considering the fact that Kanye West sees himself as not only a genius, but a man with an incredible knowledge of art – it is shocking that he would have such a poorly put together video for arguably the best song on his album.

But fear not! To make up for this video, the wonderful duo of James Franco and Seth Rogen have remade the video – with Franco imitating West PERFECTLY, and Rogan taking the role of Miss Kardashian.

The improved Franco & Rogen version is :

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