Ian Watkins: Words Will Never be Enough…

Ian Watkins, frontman of the Welsh band The Lostprophets had previously denied allegations of child sex offenses and the attempted rape of a baby. He “furiously denied” these claims as any deluded paedophile would but as with all paedophiles who think they are untouchable their alter egos will always be exposed as long as there is any good in this twisted world we live in.

For reasons which I would imagine are as selfish as these horrific acts, he has now pleaded guilty to these depraved and horrific crimes; crimes which have left anyone who has followed this news, angry, sickened and in complete disbelief. Blaming it on the drugs he took by his own hand was a feeble attempt of vindicating himself and his abhorrent actions.

This pathetic individual is awaiting sentence and throwing away the key would be a good idea in this sickening case but what disturbs me even though I’m not a mother is the women (if you can call them that) who were so willing to allow their ‘babies’ to be abused in this way. Mother’s, in the true sense of the word, nurture and protect their young without compromise and certainly without putting the needs of anyone before these innocents; this is not a preconception but a ‘human’ characteristic.

It is without doubt that these women will sit down in a cosy room with a psychologist or counsellor to talk about why they gave up their children so willingly to please Ian Watkins. We live in a world now which encourages people to speak of things that have shaped them into adults who abuse others and expose their children to dangers because they want to be accepted, loved and wanted; but I can’t help but think, that sometimes, things are more black and white than they seem.

Where there is good there is evil. No one ever asked Gandhi to sit down and ask him questions like, “Why are you so kind to your fellow man”? “Why is the happiness and peace of mind of others so important to you”? It was accepted that he was a good man so what if Ian Watkins and these women are just evil? Why are these psychiatric professionals trying to find a reason for them being bad when maybe they just are?

Will it make these children understand and accept the things that happened to them? Will it make us all say, ”Awww, so that’s why”. Getting in the warped minds of these predators won’t change what’s happened or stop anyone from doing it again. I wonder if Gandhi would have found these acts easy to forgive or understand. I think he and all the other advocates of forgiveness in our history would struggle…as we are.

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