Dressed By Lauren- Taking The Fashion Industry By Storm

Ever struggled to find the perfect one-off outfit on the high-street? 

There are countless students that are just waiting for their opportunity to crack the notoriously hard fashion industry. However perhaps you should follow the path of up-and-coming designer Lauren Hornabrook..

Deciding that the high-street couldn’t provide her with the perfect outfit for her typical Saturday night, Lauren decided to do something about it. Lauren used fashion icon Kim Kardashian as inspiration. She ordered the fabric and created a copycat version of Kim’s designer dress.

She tested her experiment out that weekend, and the compliments came flooding in. Before Lauren knew it, she was making dresses for a small number of her close friends.

This was when Lauren saw a gap in the market, and decided to take the risk and set up her own business; Dressed By Lauren. The perfect made-to-measure dresses and outfit combinations, that are one-off and unique to her clients preferences and style. You won’t find someone else wearing the same outfit as you. This couldn’t be said for the dresses in Topshop or River Island.

Promoting herself on Twitter and Instagram, her IPhone is now a hive of activity, with constant likes, comments and emails. Now a year on, with thousands of followers and loyal fans from all areas of the globe, Lauren was even asked to attend London Fashion Week to showcase her work.

At LFW Lauren met some incredible contacts who are well-known throughout the fashion industry, including bloggers and celebrity stylists. Lauren said. “It was the most incredible experience, I absolutely loved it!”

Although Dressed By Lauren is still arguably in its early days. Lauren has moved to Australia for the foreseeable future, and is even looking for UK based seamstresses to cope with the mass number of orders and enquiries.

It shows that perhaps we have all of the tools we need to promote ourselves right in front of us. No cost involved, little complication and know one can use the excuse they don’t have time to tweet.

Lauren has managed to build a name and company completely off her own merit, she gets to create pieces of art on a daily basis, and is setting the foundation for the long term successful business. Even Charlotte Crosby from Geordie shore has worn her designs, along with numerous TOWIE members being clients of hers.

As Lauren said herself, in order to achieve and do well in something, (especially something as competitive and popular as the fashion industry) you must, “think outside of the box and be original.” 


It seems Lauren has many strings to her bow, as she is currently enjoying travelling and living abroad. After all she is still a 20-year-old young woman who is carving her path in life….


Follow Lauren on…
Instagram – @dressed_by_lauren
Twitter -@DressedByLauren
Find your perfect Christmas/New Year outfit on Dressed By Lauren.

Another of Lauren's designs.

Dressed By Lauren

One of Lauren's designs.

Dress By Lauren

Jasmin Walia & Abi Clarke wearing Lauren's dresses.

Jasmin Walia & Abi Clarke wearing Lauren’s dresses.









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