5 People Who Can Ruin A Great Night Out

Which types of people should you avoid on a night out?

Everyone likes a good drink from time-to-time (especially students), but there are certain types of people that simply cannot handle their liquor. You could be having the time of your life, throwing shapes and creating beautiful (albeit somewhat hazy) memories, when your friend’s drunken alter-ego ambushes the party, causing complete havoc in their wake. From the projectile vomiters, and the cringe-worthy truth tellers, to the hysterical wrecks and violent idiots, we can all take on an unwanted identity when we’ve had a bit too much to drink. While some situations can be highly amusing and make for an interesting anecdote during the morning’s “debriefing,” sometimes your drunken personality can be harmful and outright frustrating.

Learn to identify these drunken demons to avoid future nights out being ruined.


1)     The person who disappears:

Harry Houdini himself would be proud of this person! No matter what the occasion, or how many of your group may have gone out, this person will always manage to disappear as soon as you enter the venue. Whether they have grown acquainted with a new friend of their own, managed to lose themselves in the club, or even fallen asleep in the toilets, this person can be the cause of unnecessary stress and put a comedown on a great evening.

Does your friend vanish more often than the Cheshire Cat?

Does your friend vanish more often than the Cheshire Cat?

2)    The Manic Depressant:

This type of person should definitely be kept away from the Gordon’s Gin. After a couple of sips of alcohol, their eye make-up could rival Morticia Addams and only wild dogs will understand their howling. Rather than having a great night moving like Jagger on the dance-floor, you find yourself trapped at the bar, while your friend cries hysterically about everything, from their ex, to their housemate drinking all the milk. Best to steer clear of this person, to save your ears and your sanity!

Do you need to carry a pack of Kleenex in your clutch?

Do you need to carry a pack of Kleenex in your clutch?

3)    The Over-Indulger:

While it’s great to let your hair down and loosen up on a night out, some people really don’t know when enough is enough. They are usually the first to utter the words ‘Jager bomb?’ but can always be found with their head in the toilet by the end of the night. As soon as the bouncer notices their inebriated state, the night will have reached Game Over. Do your best to avoid this person, or risk playing babysitter and having an early cab-ride back home.

Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop!

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop!

4)    The Fighter:

We all know that one person who likes to think they are Bruce Lee after a couple of beers. There is something about an excessive intake of alcohol that makes them believe they are made of steel and can handle any antagonising situation. While there may be only one rule about Fight Club, it is certainly not to get paralytically drunk first! Evade being dragged into an aggressive punch-up with an angry stranger and dodge this person on your next night out.

Do you like to think you are a part of Fight Club on a night out?

Do you like to think you are a part of Fight Club on a night out?

5)    The Early Riser:

You are having an amazing night; the music is insane, the atmosphere is wild. You’re shaking your hips without a care in the world. You decide it’s finally time to take the plunge and make a move with the person you really like … when all of a sudden, you hear that all too familiar phrase: ‘I think we should call a cab.’ Once again, your night is ruined by that person who wants to be in bed before twelve. Next time, tell them to stay at home, while you go out and enjoy yourself!


It might take a few nights out to realise which of your friends embodies a different persona when intoxicated, (or even if you are guilty of any yourself), but the quicker you wise up, the better off you will be. There is nothing wrong with having a drink, provided you stay true to yourself – and have a great time in the process!


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