Alt Corner #6: Through Colour

It seems to me that the lack of alternative music covered on this site is depressingly thin. Having grown up in a rock-loving community, where small alternative bands have thrived for years, this depresses me. And so, Alt. Corner is born. Every week I’ll be recommending an alternative rock band for you to listen to, ranging from colossuses of the underground scene to unsigned groups who are destined for something bigger. This week, I’ll be looking at…

Through Colour

The boys of ‘Through Colour’ have been kicking about for a while now in some form or another, and it really is a testament to the declining nature of rock music in the mainstream that such an impressive band has flown under the radar for so long. Leaning slightly towards the pop-punk end of ‘rock’, they’re easy-listening and very accessible, and armed with a handful of true sing-a-long songs reminiscent of pop-punk giants past, Through Colour will be looking to take their career a step further in 2014.

The Holyhead quintet have only recently released their latest EP entitled ‘Somnium’, a five-track mood-lifter that’s sure to have even the most stoic of listeners on their feet and swaying to the rhythm – and that’s just from listening to the CD! Having never seen Through Colour in a live setting (as of yet), I can’t comment on their live performance, but if they can recreate anything of the EP’s sound in a venue then avid fans will be in for a real treat if they mosey on down to the one of their shows.

Latest single and opening track ‘Daydream’ is a big song, kicking off with catchy guitars and a rhythmic melody that carries all the way to the rousing, almost anthemic chorus. ‘Lost’ could be the finish product of a forgotten Red Hot Chili Peppers demo but with pop-punk vocals, which (in my opinion) does the song a lot of credit. Then again, I’m not a huge Chili Peppers fan. ‘Ink’ slows the pace down a little but ends up being one of the most satisfying listens come the chorus, which will strike chords with fans of bands like Natives and the now-defunct Futures.

Through Colour have the potential and the sound to become a huge player in the British pop-punk scene. Although it is a niche market in itself, the likes of You Me at Six and Kids in Glass Houses have proven that it isn’t just an American genre, and that they can give as good as the likes of Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory and Blink-182. I believe that Through Colour can reach those same heights, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come from them in 2014.

Listen to: ‘Daydream’, ‘Ink’.

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