Win a little gift for Christmas

With Christmas time approaching, it can be quite stressful ensuring you’ve got presents sorted for all you care about, old and young. Although we’ve got a few weeks left, it’s important to start planning now so that you don’t find yourself on Christmas Eve maxing out your credit card in a shopping frenzy. Scottish Friendly have come up with this neat prize for simply filling out a survey, which will be a perfect gift for anyone you might forget to buy a present for – whoops!

What’s the catch? Nothing – all you have to do is fill in Scottish Friendly’s Christmas spending habits survey, which would take you between 5-10 mins and you’ll be into the draw to win £50 Marks and Spencer vouchers. These would be the perfect gift for family members that are hard to buy for, or you could even use the vouchers to buy presents – no one would know!

Why Should I do the Survey? It is optional, of course. If you want to be in to win then you’ll have to fully complete the survey. The survey will help to provide interesting information on people’s spending habits: what different families prioritise and how they organise their finances. Once the details from the surveys are processed, the collected data will be analysed and able to be viewed.

How to Enter: Simply fill in the Scottish Friendly Survey and include your full name and contact details. That’s how easy it is to be in the draw for the £50 Mark and Spencer vouchers. The closing date is the 5th of January, so there’s still plenty of time to get in the draw.

For more information about the prize money, winning and the terms and conditions, please click here.

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