Goodbye Mr Narcissist

An arrogant man is probably by far one of the biggest turn offs. Give me Mr Emotionally Unavailable or Mr Disappearing Act or even Mr Clingy but please do not put me in front of an egotistical, self-absorbed individual and expect me to fall into a figurative bed of roses with glee.

It’s funny because up until today I realised I’d dated all kinds of people and encountered all kinds of personalities and issues along the way but I’d never been with a guy who’d willingly poured out all kinds of details about himself from the amount of money him AND his friends make, to the fact that he can’t be in one country for more than 3 months at a time, to name-dropping ‘celebrities’ and on and on …and on. The guy didn’t even ask me what my name was until a good 30 minutes into the conversation.

So I found out that he works in Chemical Engineering, thinks people who can’t solve maths problems are ‘stupid’, the jobs that his friends do are below him, he boxes and his family are loaded.

What did he learn about me? Who the hell knows? Hopefully as little as possible although he did let me borrow his library card number to use their free wifi so…he does have my email address.

What I don’t get is what would make someone shell out all their personal business to a complete stranger? A saying is “if you have it, you don’t have to talk about it,” and that stuck in my mind. I am totally disinterested in where your university falls in the league tables. Telling me that sometimes you perceive women as “an apple I can take a bite of and then throw away,” doesn’t realllly turn me on, it doesn’t make me want to drop my clothes for you….it.does.nothing!

Now, by no means am I trying to put down someone who is making a good life for themselves (hey I have aspirations too!). However, I think it’s tacky and screams of immaturity when people display such obnoxious cockiness in order to gain some sort of recognition or validation for their life – especially when this person is attempting to sustain your romantic interest in them.

Anyway the whole ordeal ended with me being labelled as “keen” for letting him know I knew he would ask me for my number (as in I’m bored, get it over with).

He called an hour later. I didn’t pick up. Maybe he thinks I fell into a coma after I was crushed under the weight of his ego…because it couldn’t possibly be anything he’d said…could it?

Aw, R.I.P Mr Narcissist.


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