2014 Detroit Motor Show

For car enthusiasts, there are few highlights on the calendar that compare to the annual Detroit Motor Show. It’s always exciting seeing the new cars make their debut at the first main show of the car. This year’s 2014 Detroit Motor Show will open its doors towards in the middle of January on the 14th. This way car enthusiasts can focus on the family during the holiday season and then shift their focus to the latest models of cars once everything festive has calmed down. If you’re in the mood to buy then this car show is a must-see for you as it will be showcasing some of the best new models of 2014. If you are buying a new car, don’t forget to purchase some car insurance to keep your car safe and in pristine condition.

This show is considered to be the most famous in the United States, generally attracting the most attention from enthusiasts and media alike. Part of the reason it draws so much attention as many manufacturers choose to use the Detroit Motor show as a platform to showcase their latest models. The 2014 Detroit Motor Show might be the most anticipated yet, with lots of fresh releases expected. There are a lot of rumours as to what we might see at next year’s motor show, including some of the following:



Often one of the show highlights, the BMW collection is always exciting. It is expected that three BMW models will make their first debut there, including the M3 Saloon and M4 Coop. These cars are basically the same under the hood, with the same impressive engine. These cars are expected to be on sale in June, so this show is a great opportunity to check them out. It is also expected that BMW will have some revised versions of some of their popular car models, namely the Z4 Roadster and the X1 SUV.



There’s not too much talk about what will be released from Lexus, except for a teasing picture that only shows a small section of the car. Lexus fans will have to wait a few more weeks to see the full version of this mysterious car.


Mini Cooper:

This iconic car is due for an update and we expect that the Mini John Cooper model will be revealed at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show. This far no technical details have been broadcast, but we expect that this will be a very impressive version of this iconic car.



Recently Audi announced that they are looking to dive deeper into the SUV market with a “compact SUV” – the perfect compromise for someone who wants all the practical benefits of a SUV while enjoying a medium sized vehicle. The Q1 is set for release in 2016, so while we are anticipating this new vehicle it is unlikely it will be on show yet in Detroit. However, there might be a precursor model that offers a hint of what is to come in the Audi range.


There will no doubt be new models from Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo as well, ensuring the 2014 show is very exciting. We are looking forward to seeing the new models that will be on display.

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